Hello I am just a girl who LOVES makeup, cosmetics, in fact a little obessed. I am also from London 🙂

I am forever buying new products, but in the last few years I have noticed a trend of cosmetics products in our stores. Everything seems to be owned by a global tycoon!

So I made it my mission to start buying British brands!

I was surprised at how many Proud British brands there were, and not only that most of them were actually made in the UK too.

When products are lovingly made in the UK 99% of the time the ingredients are 100% raw and organic, as the makers know exactly what they are putting into them 🙂

I now want to support local businesses big and small and swap big brands for our UK products.

One day I hope you will be able to buy their products all under one roof on trulybritishwants.com

So why don’t you try and swap one of your usual products for a homemade with all the best ingredients UK brand.

Happy shopping